I feel Vic-Tori puppies are extra special. I believe in breeding quality not quantity and believe that I breed some of the best, breeding only one litter each year or so. Breeding this way gives me the time to carefully plan each breeding with pedigree analysis and genetic testing. This also gives me plenty of time to give lots and lots of hands on love, care and attention to each and every puppy that is born.

The moment you take your puppy home with you, you automatically become a member of the Vic-Tori family! I not only ask for, but solicit stories, photo's and regular updates as you and your puppy enjoy your very special journey together. Here are a few members of the Vic-Tori family that would like to share a bit of their journey with you.

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photos of black standard poodle Guster

Guster is the pride and joy of Jeff and Sally and lives in Minnesota. This special guy is the son of Jewel and Charles and was born March 28, 2008. He is very affectionate to his family and also very fond of his daily routine (he has been known to throw a fit if anything in his routine changes). When he plays in the yard he loves to run at top speed and in circles around his family occasionally darting directly at them then veering away! It appears he is trying to set some sort of speed record and at the same time keep his family thoroughly amused and on their toes. Guster also likes to watch TV (he must get this from his Mother). I love it that Jeff sends me periodic updates on Guster's progress and antics. Guster is quite a fun little character!






photos of black s.p. puppy Henry

Here is handsome Henry also a Jewel and Charles son and littermate to "Guster" seen above.
Henry is living the good life with Mom Debi and family in Chesterfield. Debi says her family loves that Henry is so affectionate (a typical Vic-Tori trait). He is very smart and training has gone well with the exception of the command "come" as Henry sometimes feels this is negotiable. He loves to play with his toys, his favorite is a stuffed Gorilla which he loves his family to throw so he can eagerly bring it back to them. He has a blanket that he carries around the house, loves people and is always interested in what everyone is doing. He loves to romp and play with other dogs. Debi says that Henry loves to watch TV! People often comment on Henry's proud demeanor and the beautiful way he carries himself, another typical Vic-Tori trait.

Below is an updated photo of Henry from June, 2012.

photos of black s.p.










photos of black poodle Meet Percy

Percy is a littermate to both Guster and Henry (above). Percy is a lucky member of the McCutcheon family. Percy entered the family as the second standard poodle with much older "big brother" Jackson being the first. Percy and Jackson have become good buds. They love to wrestle and play in the yard together even though Percy can run circles around Jackson!

Percy enjoying a boat ride
Percy loves going boating with his family.

The McCutcheons tell me that Percy is really loving and has a very, very sweet personality. He likes to watch Animal Planet on TV but also seems to be a huge fan of college basketball! I am not sure who his favorite team is though. Percy loves to ride in the car with his family, and loves to play outside even when the weather is on the chilly side.





photos of black poodle

Meet Charley
Charley is named after the poodle in the 1962 Steinbeck classic "Travels with Charley" and his Grandpa Charles (of course). Charley resides in Kirkwood with the Mayhall family. Mary tells me that Charley is attending training classes and is a very quick study. His favorite food is cottage cheese mixed in with his dry food. Charley loves to play fetch! He also loves to run in the snow and plows through it with his nose! Mary says that Charley carries himself proudly and loves to prance and bounce so much that she is considering agility training for him. When Charley sleeps he likes to lay on his back with his tummy aiming straight up! If Charley hears the garage door go up or a car pull into the garage, he runs to the door to meet and greet whoever is coming inside. He also loves to visit Mary's dad in the retirement home.









photo of black poodle BILL

This is handsome Bill with his lovely companion and family member Leila. Bill has fit in well in a home with a one year old and five year old. He plays nicely with them, and if on occasion he accidentally knocks the one year old over, he stops playing and immediately checks on him. He will not play again until he knows the toddler is up and ready to go! Bill is a very sweet natured boy that has become known around the neighborhood and by his groomer as "smiling Bill" (his Grandpa does the same thing). I am told that Bill's vet has remarked on many occasions how well-behaved he is and how it is amazing that such a young dog can be so calm and easily settled. I am told that wherever Bill's family takes him Bill draws lots of attention and people always remark how beautiful he is. I am also told (and I am not surprised) that Bill is very vivacious and loves to run and jump gracefully around the yard like a gifted athlete! Bill's family tells me that they feel thankful to have Bill and I will just bet that Bill feels the very same way about his wonderful family!









photos of black poodle



Introducing COPPER

Copper is a son of Elle. He ives in Kansas with his brother Allu (below). Copper is very smart, full of energy and adores the Lewis children. His favorite game is chase the water hose. Copper is a great traveler and has enjoyed several trips including to Colorado and the Hill Country in Texas.










photos of black poodle

This cutie is Allu who lives with his family (including Copper) in Kansas. He is an adorable, silly sweetheart and we suspect, part mountain goat. He loves jumping up on benches, ottomans, chairs; whatever gives him the best vantage point. Allu has excellent manners waiting to be invited up and always happy to share a spot if you want to join him.

Allu is thrilled to see everyone. He's always eager with an emphatic high-five when asked or a shake for more formal occasions. He's quick to join in a good game of hide and seek, his favorite! He will happily, methodically seek out any toy or person you ask him to find, returning at a proud trot with the object or person in tow. But he's not just a participator, he's an earnest spectator of televised sports. Allu is likely to drop whatever he's doing if a good tennis match appears on TV. We expect that he'll be seeking a ball boy role soon enough.









photos of black poodle

This is Benny who is a member of the Wells family from Illinois. Benny is now an AKC champion. He won his first major as a puppy, at the very competitive Great Lakes Poodle Club of Chicago Specialty show! When Benny is not strutting his stuff in the show ring, his favorite things to do are rolling his large treat ball to get the treat out of it. He also likes to show his “retrieving skills”, retrieving the ball when it is thrown. He lets everyone know what he wants by carrying his food or water bowl to a family member when he wants to eat, or is out of water. I am told he is quite a “Daddy’s boy” always making certain he is on his “Dads” side of the bed. Benny also loves to show the funny side of his personality with smiles and grins just like his Grandpa Charles.









photos of white poodle

This is beautiful Cara Mia (she is an Eve daughter and littermate to Paige) and she has had a successful show career overseas! She resides in Manilla, Phillipines and finished her championship there in March, 2013 and is a multiple Philippine multiple group and Best In Show winner. You can see by the photos she is a much loved and pampered member of the Chua family.








photos of black poodle

This is adorable Alice. Jan tells me that Alice is dancing away with everyone’s heart down in Springfield, Missouri! Alice loves to play with toys and ride through the fields on the four wheeler.
Alice is super friendly and loves to meet and greet patrons as they arrive at the grooming shop. Jan says that Alice is extremely patient and kind while waiting for the grooming students to figure out what a poodle is all about!

poodle being groomed









photos of black poodle

This sweet boy is a son of Eve and Rowdy. Caymus lives in Tennessee with his loving family Chuck and Glenda. They describe Caymus as sweet, well behaved and obedient. He is very loving and one of his favorite past-times is to snuggle with his family on the couch or bed. He adores car rides and also loves going to the doggie park to play with his friends. Chuck and Glenda have thanked me for breeding such a wonderful dog but I thank them for being such an important part of the Vic-Tori family!










photos of white standard poodle

This lovely guy is called Bear aka “The Bear” as his family likes to call him. Bear is a member of the Knight family and resides in the St. Louis area. I am told Bear is great buddies with his “sister” Callie and that Bear and Callie love to play together, sleep side-by-side and share their toys with each other. One of Bear’s favorite activities is to go to the tennis court with the local tennis pro and chase the used tennis balls. Bear loves to go to the dog park and gets along splendidly with every breed large or small. Bear attracts tons of attention in the neighborhood not only for his natural good looks but also his amazing personality!









photos of black standard poodle

This is Elle. Ch. Vic-Tori’s Elegant Edge CGC TDI. Elle lives in Illinois with Ray and Holly. Elle got all her AKC singles and one of her majors as a puppy, then finished her AKC championship with a 5 point major at the age of 15 months in Billings, Montana. Elle exudes confidence, whether it’s leading the way on one of her twice daily 2+ mile hikes or working a crowd. Off leash she is a free spirit, racing ahead on the trails, flushing out anything that moves, be it rabbit, squirrel, deer or pheasant. She is very social with other dogs, but makes sure they know who is calling the shots.
On leash she is a perfect lady strutting her stuff like the champion show poodle she is. She is a great traveler and has been welcomed everywhere Ray and Holly have taken her and invited back. Elle even has her own Facebook page at Elle Poodle.
Elle has recently completed the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the Therapy Dog International (TDI) exam. She currently is ‘working’ at an assisted living center, a hospital and the library’s children’s reading program.








photos of white standard poodle

Introducing gorgeous Fleury! GCH Peartree Dazzlin Fleury an Eve and Tiger puppy. Fleury resides in the pacific northwest and is a member of the Hutchins family. With her great attitude and lovely movement, Fleury burned up the show ring winning fourteen points to her championship as a puppy! She finished her AKC Championship shortly after returning to the ring in adult trim and earned her Grand Championship in record time. She now has her Silver Grand Championship. Fleury is loving, intelligent, funny and gregarious!











photos of black standard poodle

Say Hello to Marty.Marty is an Eve and Tiger puppy and is dearly loved by the Knipp family. I am told by Marty’s family that he is every inch a poodle, and everywhere he goes, he is the center of attention! Marty’s groomer adores him and says he is super lovable when he is being groomed.
Marty has great house manners and has been taught to play dead and to smile. Marty spends his time at home helping with every little task (they are trying to teach him how to fold laundry). He loves to run and play outside, a few of his favorite outside activities include chasing the kids, eating sticks, playing with his toys and running through the sprinkler. Marty loves to have his belly and ears rubbed, sit in his families lap so he can cuddle, watch TV and movies, play Xbox and if he could sit at the table to eat dinner he would!!