Eve with my Granddaughter Holley

Here are our newest photos of our dogs at play.

GCH Vic-Tori's Peartree Dazzlin Fleury (Fleury)

GCH Vic-Tori's Peartree Dazzlin Fleury (Fleury)

standard poodle with grandchild

standard poodles at play
Eve, Elle, Jewel and Charles

poodle watching TV
Eve likes to watch Animal Planet!

black poodle with Easter Bunny
Charles meets the Easter Bunny.

standard poodles at play   standard poodles at play
Eve and Elle frolicking in the back yard.

standard poodle in bushes
Jewel hiding behind the shrubbery

standard poodle being hugged
My son and Charles enjoying a hug.

standard poodle pups with mom
Eve and her puppies outside in the sun.

standard poodle pup being held
My daughter holding one of Eve's puppies.

standard poodle
My first Champion, Tori, and I.

child with black poodle
My granddaughter Holley with Charles.

poodles playing in the snow
Charles and his daughter Elle playing in the snow.

child hugging poodle
Eve and my Granddaughter enjoying a hug.

poodle relaxing
Eve relaxing.

poodle relaxing
Eve traveling home from a long dog show weekend (after retirement.)

poodle sitting
Elle being silly.

Charles and I enjoying a hug--yes he sported a mustache for a little while.

black standard poodle laying down
Jewel looking like a princess.

standard poodle running  standard poodle posing in yard
Elle flying in the back yard.     Charles enjoying the sun.

standard poodle running  standard poodle playing with toy
Elle leaping through the air with her favorite toy.      Charles bowing with his toy.

standard poodle laying  standard poodle chewing on bone
Elle taking a time-out to pose for the camera.      Eve chewing on a bone.

standard poodles playing  standard poodles playing
Jewel and Elle (mother and daughter) playing tug of war.      Eve relaxing on the lawn with a stick.

standard poodles playing
Elle and her puppies playing tug of war.

photo of Eve photo of standard poodle at Glacier National Park
Elle and I at Glacier National Park.

photo of child and standard poodle
Jewel and my Granddaughter Holley

photo of standard poodles at Arizona park
Tori, Marisa and I hiking in Arizona.

standard poodle and fall colors
Marisa posing in the fall foliage, Fall 2008

standard poodle with child  standard poodle under Christmas tree
My Granddaughter with Marisa during Christmas.    Marisa waiting on Santa Paws to arrive.

standard poodle running with toy in mouth
Charles showing everyone his handstand while balancing a toy.

More of our dogs at play below. Click on any photo to see a larger copy.

standard poodle puppy
poodle running with toy in yard
child holding poodle puppy
poodle standing in yard

standard poodle with fuzzy toy in mouth
poodle leaping in air
black poodle jumping on tree
poodle standing by yellow flowers